DCBA Senior Selection Process

The following is a guide to help players, coaches and those involved in the senior DCBA teams with the process undertaken to choose the players who will represent the county for the season 2015 / 2016.



This 2015/16 season will be the start of the new county league setup whereby all county teams will play on the same day regardless of division over three sacrosanct weekends. Two matches will be played on the first two Saturdays and on the final weekend there will be two matches played on the Saturday and a single match on the Sunday (there may be a stay over requirement on this weekend). Seven matches in total in a division of eight playing each other County once. For the first time, there will be no other domestic senior or junior gold/silver tournaments running during these weekends.

In addition, the format will be changing as follows;
  • Men’s – 3  x Singles
  • Men’s – 2 X Doubles (no reverse matches)
  • Ladies – 2 X Singles
  • Ladies -2 X Doubles (no reverse matches)
  • Mixed – 2 X (no reverse matches)
  • TOTAL – 11  Previously 15 rubbers

All rubbers will count as points i.e. – losing 7-4 will still score the losing team four points. Therefore every rubber counts.

Individuals will only be permitted to play two disciplines per match.

Devon 1st and 2nd Teams will both play all of their ties at Bath University as they are in the same league. Devon 3rd Team will play their first match at Wellington, Second at Exeter University and the final weekend in Bournemouth.

Based upon the above, each team will need a minimum of five men and four ladies due to the game play detailed above. This will result in larger team squads than previous years. In addition, as teams will all be playing on the same weekends, the ability to utilize substitutions will need careful management as not all the teams will be playing in the same venues.

  • Total minimum Men required to represent Devon each county weekend  = 15
  • Total minimum Ladies required to represent Devon each county weekend  = 12


Selection Process

The selection process for all three teams will be based upon the following criteria in no particular order:

  • Tournament Play – results at Somerset Bronze, Cornish Open, Devon Restricted
  • Previous County Representation either Devon or other county
  • Current Badminton England Grading or standard
  • Team Attitude and ethic
  • Squad harmony
  • Commitment

There will be no county selection trials.

The team squads will be picked by five selectors.

  • Joe Davies (DCBA Chair)
  • Malcolm Slack (DCBA vice Chair)
  • Matt Raasch-Sotinwa (DCBA Secretary)
  • Betty Blair (1st Team Captain)
  • Jamie Roberton (1st team, Exeter PC, Visions and junior under 17 coach).

Due to the nature of the new county format, player commitment will be key for the coming season and will be considered as one the primary selection criteria.

Team Captains will be appointed by the selection committee after the team selection has been completed.

Players will be notified following the selection committee meeting witch will be conducted after the Devon Restricted.



We have had problems in the past with player affiliations/registrations lapsing part way through the season. We have been told by Badminton England that for this coming season, there will be a zero tolerance policy with this.

It is your responsibility to make sure your affiliation does not lapse.

As the first matches are on the 7th November, please can you make sure your club affiliates you by 31st October at the absolute latest in order to give time for processing.

For any players who affiliate through the coaching register, please can you make sure your affiliation does not lapse as renewal dates differ.

For any players who don’t belong to either a club or the coaching register please affiliate via the “direct affiliation” option.

Badminton England have told us that for any players who are non-affiliated, any County games that that player has played in will be null and void and may result in a fine and/or a points deduction. As I am sure you will understand in those circumstances a reserve would have to be found.